Discussion #2: To Forgive or to Not Forgive is the 2nd video in the Discussions series & the 1st video in the Dreu Shenanigans series. It was uploaded on 3-24-16 & it was the start of Matthew Shaver's videos on the spoof account drama/ordeal that was started by GhostHunter7000.

Description: "I discuss Dreu's latest actions in this video."


Views: 82

Like/Dislike Ratio: 9/3

Run Time: 15:24


The video starts off with Matthew Shaver resurrecting the Discussions series after 2 whole months of no content on it. He then admits the fact that he starts up most of the drama, but goes on to say that this one is MadLabic7000's fault because he did make alt accounts. He then shows his comment replying to Dreu's "apology" comment with "I cannot fathom how you could even insult Luigi8000 & others like that… I cannot say if I accept it or not!" He also goes on to expose MadLabic7000 to showcase evidence of him using a "Luigi Luigi" alt account to call him a beaver, but of course, it is deleted beforehand. Finally, Matthew Shaver exposes MadLabic7000 even more for using an "unknown" account that is also deleted via the use of Darkscythe's videos & he eventually ends the video saying that he is "on the fence" for forgiving Dreu or not.


  • [G] Matthew Shaver
  • [B] MadLabic7000
  • [B] unknown
  • [B] Luigi Luigi
  • [G] Darkscythe
  • [G] SaveAnimeorBuryIt
  • [G] Frontier Seek
  • [G] matthew valencia
  • [G] Italian Guy
  • [G] pezheadgamer364
  • [G] xam30000hehe
  • [G] Manga U
  • [B] Pagoo67

G = Good              B = Bad


  • 17 hours before this video was being made, SaveAnimeorBuryIt finally subscribed to Matthew Shaver.
  • Originally intended as only a Discussion, Matthew Shaver created the Dreu Shenanigans series a day after the release of this video & the 2 videos in the Dreu Shenanigans series right after it.
  • This video started Matthew Shaver's involvement in the spoof accounts drama.
  • This video is the only video in the Discussions series that is about YouTube drama.

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