The "Discussions" series is a series of Matthew Shaver's Discussion videos that consists of 3 Discussions. The series was officially started on 1-14-16 & was announced on 12-28-15 on "Update #8: Video Equipment for 2016, Possible Discussions, & Twitch Streaming etc. Last 2015 Update!"


The Discussions series is a series where Matthew Shaver talks about any topic that comes to his mind (mainly on gaming topics.)

List of Videos


  • Discussion #2 was initially just the 2nd Discussion, but it later became the start of the Dreu Shenanigans series as well. The reasoning for this was simply because when it was 1st created, it was not thought of as a series, but after its 4th video, the idea was finally thought of.
  • The Discussions series was once considered to be a daily series (the only series at all that was considered to have a video every day,) but due to time constraints, school, & overall life, it was not able to happen.

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