Dreu Shenanigans is a series created by Matthew Shaver where Matthew Shaver goes against his current former/mostly current friend GhostHunter7000 aka. Dreu for a multitude of reasons whether if Matthew Shaver did something really wrong or if GhostHunter7000 actually did do something really wrong. It was 1st created on 3-24-16 as the 2nd video in the Discussions series along with Exposing Dreu Again & Rant #29: Dreu the Culprit all on the same day. It was not until the following day (3-25-15) that the series came to be.


  • March 24th, 2016:

Matthew Shaver creates the 1st 1/3rd of the aforementioned videos in the series due to his involvement in the spoof account drama of March 2016 to expose GhostHunter7000 as best as he possibly could to expose his perspective against Dreu (as it extremely differentiated significantly compared to Darkscythe's side.) The 3 videos were about if he should forgive GhostHunter7000 or not, Matthew Shaver comparing Dreu's spoof accounts from July 2015 to March 2016 & Matthew Shaver dedicates a whole rant on GhostHunter7000 because of him making spoof accounts.

  • March 25th, 2016

Matthew Shaver finally comes up with the title of the new series (Dreu Shenanigans) & uploads a 4th video regarding the whole situation to expose GhostHunter7000 of blocking him & "pussying" out due to not being able to take the consequences.

  • March 26th, 2016

Matthew Shaver uploads the 5th video of the series to expose GhostHunter7000 of using people & scapegoating them just because he does not want to face the drama on his own (even though he was in the wrong.)

  • March 27th, 2016

Matthew Shaver uploads the 6th video of the series to expose GhostHunter7000 of not letting him have his freedom of speech (as he deleted one of his comments on Miiverse.) therefore, revoking it.

  • March 28th, 2016

Matthew Shaver uploads the 7th & final video on GhostHunter7000 over the spoof accounts drama between Dreu's former friends (at the time,) Matthew Shaver & Darkscythe vs. GhostHunter7000. In fact, it was not mainly about Dreu himself, but about his friend Brendon aka. Rachel. Matthew Shaver exposed & believed Dreu that Rachel banned him on Miiverse during the drama, but apparently it was later revealed that GhostHunter7000 was referring to the AR7 COMM ban & not the Miiverse one. Afterwards, Matthew Shaver & GhostHunter7000 become friends once more.

  • May 4th, 2016

Matthew Shaver uploads the 8th video on the playlist after the events of the spoof account drama & during the events of the plagiarization drama because he became jealous that GhostHunter7000's Hot Pocket Italian Meatball Food Review (now deleted) for getting more ratings then most of his etc. & he thought that GhostHunter7000 purposely made his channel art very similar to his when it comes to the layout (it was later confirmed that he kind of had to squeeze it in like Matthew Shaver had to just to make things fit in all of the way.) GhostHunter7000 later gave his thoughts on the ordeal & proved that Matthew Shaver gave him permission to upload the Food Review albeit, not giving credit for the inspiration.

  • June 28th, 2016

Matthew Shaver uploads the 9th & currently latest video on the Dreu Shenanigans playlist (which took place during the racism drama.) Matthew Shaver exposes GhostHunter7000 for accusing him of the YouTube Purge (entirely, but the former later found out that he was only accusing him of doing that to the latter's current friends even though he did not.) The YouTube Purge was an event where most people lost subs randomly from YouTube (assumingly from inactive accounts.) GhostHunter7000 later corrects himself saying that it was wrong to accuse Matthew Shaver, but Matthew Shaver refused to stop when GhostHunter7000 told him that he would stop.

List of Videos

  • Discussion 2: To Forgive or to Not Forgive?
  • Exposing Dreu Again
  • Rant #29: Dreu the Culprit
  • Dreu Shenanigans: Pussying Out with Dreu Leake
  • Dreu Shenanigans: Dreu the Scapegoater
  • Dreu Shenanigans: Freedom of Speech Removal
  • The Reporter is Caught
  • Dreu Shenanigans: Dreu Copies My Channel Art (Sort of)
  • Dreu Shenanigans: GhostHunter7000 Emptyly Accuses Me of the "YouTube Purge"


The reception towards Matthew Shaver's Dreu Shenanigans series was mostly very great (from May 25th through May 28th) & the 1st few videos received an above average rating, but not all that great. Starting on May 4th the reception has became very very negative as Matthew Shaver himself is actually the one starting the more modern dramas, but it still gets minor good support.


  • Dreu Shenanigans is the only series from Matthew Shaver that he dedicates against 1 specific person (of course, being GhostHunter7000.)
  • At 1st, all of the videos would have not been part of an official series, but rather as miscellaneous drama videos. It was not until day 2 of the videos & the 1st & 3rd videos of the series were a hybrid between the Discussions & Dreu Shenanigans for the 1st one & a hybrid of the Rants + Aftermath series & the latter for the 2nd one.
  • The name of the series was inspired by OriginalBloodAce (who has his own Miiverse series called "Miiverse Shenanigans.") the only major differences is that Dreu Shenanigans can cover any website involved in the drama while Miiverse Shenanigans stays inside of Miiverse & Dreu Shenanigans is limited to mainly Dreu while Miiverse Shenanigans can focus upon a diverse amount of Miiverse users.
  • The 1st 7 videos of the playlist were uploaded in 5 days straight (from 3-24-16 - 3-28-16.)
  • The 8th video in the series was uploaded on May the 4th (a special minor holiday that is based off of Star Wars.) Of course, in no way whatsoever was it completely intentional.
  • The 2nd video in the series focused upon Dreu's alts back in July 2015 so, in a way, the events of Dreu Shenanigans could have been predicted over a year ago.
  • During this series is the 1st time that Matthew met Rebelle Griffin aka. Beccaz on Miiverse (who would later play a more significant role in the racism drama.)
  • The 9th video in the series originally started with "YouTube Drama:" in the title. It was later changed to "Dreu Shenanigans:" to change it as part of the series. This implies that it was once considered by Matthew Shaver to discontinue Dreu Shenanigans.

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